Clara & Brandon's Fairytale Wedding

This is a very special wedding for us not only because Clara is a high school friend of ours but her father, John Moore, was our high school photography teacher. He's the person responsible for introducing us to photography and we are really honored that we could photograph his daughter's wedding.

Clara & Brandon had a honey bee & fairytale theme, with honey combs and cute kids dressed in even cuter costumes. We were also really excited because we had two hours with them after the ceremony to get shots of just the two of them! We got some amazing photos and hope we can do this more often with our future couples. Now on to the photos!!!

These little ladies were dressed as Little Red Riding Hood :)

This was also our first time setting up a faux photo booth. It was Clara's idea and she brought tons of props!


Meredith said...

She looks like a supermodel!!! I mean, I knew Clara was beautiful, but I have to say, these are incredible. Yay Raelyn and Laura! I will definitely have to use you whenever my time comes.

Ellen Crouse (Clara's mom) said...

You two are amazing! I cannot wait to see all the photos! Spectacular job, ladies!!

Anonymous said...

I wandered over from the steampunk site... and its possible I'm not as straight as I thought, because the bride -- oh, the bride! How adorable is she? Wonderful pictures, obviously fun for everyone, but for once in a million weddings, it was truly a setting that was outshone by the gem at the center of the whirl!

katerr said...

i stumbled here from offbeat bride, and holy shit this is the best wedding i've ever seen. impeccable in every respect. and the bride! gosh i don't think i've ever seen someone so dang cute!

rings said...

It sounds like great wedding . Thanks for sharing the post. I can't wait more to sell all the photographs..